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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> she said she saw the lady. we don't know want the intentions were, really. at the end of the day, we're just glad that the baby is home safe. irpt's just the baby is in good health and that's what matters. >> at one point, police closed off highway 101 looking for evidence. after five hours, a maintenance worker discovered the jeep and called 9-1-1. >> so i checked the plates with amber alert. since they match, i called p.d. right away. >> reporter: officer carlos acosta responded to the scene within five minutes. gabriellea, who turns one on friday, was not hurt. >> she appeared distraught. kind of lost. she was happy, i think, to see us. >> and the kidnapper is described as a latino woman in her 30s wearing dark clothes with dark hair in a bun. she was walking on amadore court
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talking on her cell phone and was reportedly carrying a wed and white tar get bag. police are now reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in hopes that will help them identify the woman responsible for the crime. and the mom is unlikely to face charges, even though it is illegal to leave a child unattended inside a car. live in san diego, monte francis, nbc news. >> it is just hours away. the u.s. supreme court set to take up the issue of same-sex marriage. the decision, not expected for months, could change the rules across the country. nbc bay area's gene elliot live. >> reporter: terry, supporters of same-sex marriage took over market street tonight and marched here to san francisco's city hall making a lot of noise along the way, letting members of the u.s. supreme court know their future is in the court's hands. hundreds of marriage equality
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supporters rally in city hall in san francisco. urging supreme courts to rule in favor of prop 8. a march covered two city blocks. >> we got married 2004, got it validated, we were lucky enough to get married again in 2008. >> reporter: together for 21 years, mark and scott say they are marching to remind the supreme court justices they should be treated equally in the law. >> if i'm in the hospital and i got the wrong nurse, they won't let him in. so this has to pass to give us the kind of rights we deserve. >> while hundreds of families rally, many couples have traveled to washington, d.c. to be on the supreme court steps while their future is debated. >> this feels like our date with history. >> on facetime from d.c., john lewis and stewart gafney say it's amazing to see people camped out in the freezing cold hoping to hear the historic
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arguments in person. tonight, they are feeling the power of the highest court in the nation. >> tomorrow, and all of us being gay people in america are seeking the fulfillment of that promise of equal justice under law. >> reporter: opponents of same-sex marriage are also preparing to stand up for families. >> marriage laws are designed to attach mothers and fathers to each other and to the children that they may create and raise in the best environment. >> the u.s. supreme court will hear both sides of this emotional issue. and supporters of marriage equality who can't be at the u.s. supreme court will be back here at san francisco city hall tomorrow night for a candle light vigil, trying to put a face to this very personal i shall shoe that's before the court. reporting live in san francisco, jeenl elley, nbc news. >> the justices could reach a variety of conclusions. aid among them, they could decide prop 8 is legal, keeping the same-sex marriage ban in place.
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they could also make it unconstitutional that would lift the ban and make same-sex marriage nationwide. a third possibility, the justices could dismiss the case for procedural reasons. >> the question is, is that constitutional? congress passed the law in 1996 and it blocks the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage. now, our coverage of the prop 8 supreme court arguments go tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. on today in the bai, they'll start. and will continue throughout the bay. >> tonight, family and friends are mourning the loss of a bay area soldier. 19-year-old sarah castro motta was killed last week in virginia. she lived in oakley. her family tells us she joined the marines to prove that she could handle the toughest branch of the military. she moved to the u.s. from
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mexico when she was nine and she didn't speak a word of english. >> she was a very positive person. brave. the most bravest woman i ever met. she learned english in less than six months. she was very smart. even better than the kids who were born here. she was having good grades. >> the marine who killed her, 29-year-old sergeant lopez was from pacifico. he killed castro motta and another marine before turning the gun on himself. >> the united nations are pulling its people out of syria because it's too dangerous. capital city has been under siege. medical reporter attacks have hit the hotel housing u.n. personnel. now, state-run media is blaming the attacks on terrorists. that's what the government is calling the armed rebels. the united nations is hoping to
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move out of damascus is merely temporary. >> nevada gamblers is introducing a bill betting on federal elections. backers say this kind of betting going on in london, gaming companies there are making a fortune. the law would allow betting on senate, congressional and presidential campaigns. >> one of silicon valleys may be on the move. but the city of san jose is hoping that millions of dollars in incentives will keep samsung semi-conductor from moving to texas. it includes a production of the company's traffic impact fee, utility taxes and a reimbur reimbursement of capital expenses. with these expenses, samsung could increase its work force by a third. the mayor says the tax breaks will eventually mean more tax dollars. >> we will get about $25 million in additional rev revenues in a variety of taxes and it will give up about $7 million of that
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over 10 years to help keep samsung here. >> now, the city council is scheduled to vote on those tax incentives tomorrow. >> pets dying, getting hurt or disappearing while in the care of an airline. >> i said how's it going? he said well, better than you. your dog is dead. >> tonight, we investigate why some airlines are not even reporting when something goes wrong with a pet from a plane. >> why officers said if they would have arrived seconds later, it would have cost a man his life. >> a big night for the warriors. see how they took down the lakers coming up in sports.
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unbelievable. pulled from a burning car and police cameras are rolling the entire time. watch carefully. this happened saturday, near cleveland, ohio. the driver hit a building and his truck just burst into flames. officers were nearby and juched into action, smashing the windows so smoke wouldn't kill the driver and then cutting him free from the seat belt. police say if they arrived a minute later, the man would have died. now, that driver is in a different kind of trouble. police say he was on drugs at the time of that crash. >> the residents of newtown, connecticut are taking aim at the nra tonight over a robo call campaign targeting gun control. urge voters to control gun legislation. just monthings after the shooting tragedy at sandyhook elementary. >> so ridiculous and incensens e insensitive. i can't believe an organization would be so focused with no consideration for the losses that this town has suffered.
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>> the calls are targeting connecticut because the state's legislatures are debating whether to ban military-style assault weapons and other weapons in response to the sandyhook shooting. >> the high court will announce in just a few hours whether american student amanda knox should be tried for the 2007 murder of her roommate. the couple was acquitted after a court found the evidence in the case had been contaminated. if the court orders a new trial, this tuesday, and knox is convicted, italy could seek her extradition from the united states. >> if changes aren't made, state parks will probably have to close. the report is the result of a year-long study by an overtime agency. that agency believes the state does not have the expertise, the technology or the funding to adequately run its network of 280 parks. maintenance costs are so high. >> right now, major in
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transition is taking place right along our coast. in a matter of hours, drivers will be able to use the long-awaited, devil's slide tunnels. this evening, crews are doing some last-minute work and expect the tunnels to be open by maybe 3:00 in the morning. we should say they have. the stretch has washed out numerous times in heavy rains, but it should be good to go by 4:00 this morning. toll takers will soon be a thing of the past on the golden gate grij. as of wednesday, a new all-electronic system will be impl lemted. drivers will no longer need to stop at the toll plaza and give their money. all will be with fast track or pay-by-plate. if you don't sign up for either one, a bill will be mailed to you. >> soon, you might be able to continue reading an ipad or kindle during take-off and landing. the faa is studying whether it
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would be okay to relax the rules. the faa is under tremendous pressure to let people use reading devices on planes or to provide solid, scientific evidence why they can't. new guidelines are expected by the end of july. the change would not include cell phones. an anonymous tip reunited a service dog and its owner. arngs rchie was found today. police say it was the tip that led them to a home in san francisco. that's where the found the small pomeranian. his owner says archie was recovered with six hours of getting the tip. but the five days waiting were extremely difficult. >> he's my service animal. he's everything. he goes everywhere with me. it was just completely devastating and a living nightmare. >> police interviewed the people in the house. charges are pending. >> hundreds of animals have died, disappeared or been injured many the last six years. all of them while in the care of airlines.
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and it could just be the tip of the iceberg. tonight, why airlines aren't uncovering everything that happens in transit. >> reporter: well, we've discovered that there's a loophole in the law that's allowing airlines not to report when something goes wrong when animals are in tran cyst. sit. and that could make you think twice before booking a pet on a flight. >> there's no resolution. they're just gone. . >> reporter: hundreds of animals killed, injured or vanished. all on the airline's watch. >> and he said i'm sorry, he didn't make it. >> in february, the investigative unit uncovered that more than 300 animals have died, been hurt or disappeared, most never to be found. now, our investigation has other pet owners coming forward. >> for me and the other people who have lost animals this way, you never get to know what happened. >> reporter: for two years, straud searched for jesse.
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a show dog that cost him $5,000 and more than 500 bucks to ship from lax to detroit, michigan. when the dog arrived, he was told jesse didn't make it. >> i said well, how's it going? he said better than you, the dog is dead. >> his 40 pound kennel damaged and the bolts missing. but we couldn't find a single record of what happened to jesse in any of these reports from the department of transportation. >> it's a huge loophole. >> that's because continental, now part of united air looips, wasn't required to report jesse's death. under the d.o.t.'s current policy, the dog was being transported without an owner. so jesse was just considered cargo. >> the airline views that time he's in transit as in between owners. >> that i're making a lot of money shipping him. >> absolutely. >> gaye is the form erp president of ipata and runs an animal transportation company in foster city. she believes part of the issue
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is that airline handlers need more education. >> with the airlines changing and moving and growing and shrinking, they also contract out to employees. so they've got many employees. and i think the training of their employees is key. >> and that may very well be the case. we diskcovered the usda issued more than 500 citations since 2007 to airlines for failing to meet requirements. delta received the most followed by continental and american airlines. as for what happened to jesse, straud reported the incident. the airline was fined 17,0e $00. but if he didn't report it, the government may have never known. >> i think they have to be held accountable. if they -- i mean, there's more accountability if they lose your luggage. >> and we did reach out to united airlines to comment on what happened to jesse.
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the d.o.t. is currently considering a new policy that would make airlines report all incidents, including those involving animals shipped by breeders. airlines for america, a trade group representing the majority of carriers is against that proposal. they say airlines already provide enough information and the d.o.t. should not add an even or regulation. it's unclear if or when that policy will change. alise kirschner, nbc news. >> if you have a tip call us at 888-996-tips. >> here now talking about some changes on the way. >> yeah, we are going to be tracking some showers as the radar scans around right now. we have some showers off to the north, but those are currently gone. the radar finding dry conditions across the bay area. the other thing many of you notice, the you've been outside
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in the past 20-30 minutes, it is bitterly cold out there. speaking of which, let's get a first look at our tuesday forecast as we start off tomorrow morning. most temperatures in the 40s. we'll find widespread cloud cover not only by the coastline but for the bay and the interior valleys. most of it happening in the inland valleys. and then by the afternoon, we're looking at mid 60s and generally some partly cloudy skies. let's get you outside. there it is, the bay bridge shining bright with the bay lights. display going on. no fog right here, but you can see the camera shaking around right now with that wind 10-20 miles per hour. we have fog, also a little bit of immediate drizzle at the coastline. let's get a look at this changing weather pattern. we had that storm system today that's now pushed off towards the east. now, slowly starting to pushl off towards the south. we do have a few disturbances that arrive right along the jet stream.
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no major, large storm systems coming the next seven days. but it is going to keep this on again, off again showers. let's get you into tomorrow morning's foreca. we're going to find widespread cloud cover up into the north bay. most of the abundant cloud cover at the coastline where, again, we'll likely have some drizzle. and then, as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll get sunshine. then, down to san jose, look at this. cloud cover will head also up into the north bay. you're going to have a little bit of a hard time shaking some of the cloudy skies. for tomorrow morning, we'll start with 41 in santa rosa. 46 in los catos. we'll top out very similar to today in the south bay. 65 in san jose and 61 in pa palo alto. back to the east bay, temperatures in below to mid 60s. in towards san francisco, we're going to top out at 57.
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the three-day forecast keeps it pretty much dry here through tuesday. then, as we head throughout wednesday, we'll look at a chance for north bay shower. and then, for thursday, a 40% chance of showers for everyone. we'll keep a chance of showers in the forecast for friday, saturday and also on sunday. it's not a big storm system thursday through sunday. we're just going to have these little disturbances going on by and it's enough to trigger potentially a shower at a time or two. >> yep. >> thanks, jeff. >> nfl history could be made off the field in the congresswomaning monls. find out what major decision of players are trying to make. coming up. $4 doesn't really buy you much these days, huh?
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okay, next year, march madness will include the oscars. they're moving the awards ceremony so that it won't compete with the winter o lirp limpics. so next year's oscarings will be march 2nd, that's a week later than usual. >> the nfl could have its first
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openly-gay player within a few months. c reports one player is strongly considering coming out. the unnamed player says it's not the reaction from teammates that's holding him back, it's the reaction from plans. >> let's turn things over to ahmed fried. the cal women going dancing and the sharks find their bite in socal. but, first, show time. kobe bryant and the lakers with highlights and reaction from oracle and much more coming up in sports.
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ahmed fareed here. we begin in oakland where the warriors welcome kobe bryant and the lakers for the final time this season. stefan curry, he was in there
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despite rolling his ankle on saturday. he looked pretty good. warriors up 122. stef curry logged a game-high 43 minutes. lakers down just 7. this one, the next possession, to andrew bogut. warriors hang on 109-103, finally beating those lakers. >> the first half, we made a major statement. the second half, it got close. we had to make plays, we had to make adjustments. it was a lot of fun. we are the better basketball team. they are in the rear-view mirror and i have not checked it. and i will not. >> i don't think it's time to be emotional. we've got to maintain our poise and just think about execution with whatever we're going to do. we just got to look at what's going on and make adjustments. >> it wasn't easy, but the
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number 2 seeded cal bears reach the sweet 16 for just the second time. south florida in overtime by a score of 82-78. up next for cal, the winner of penn state lsu. that game is on tuesday. cactus league, cubs hosting the giants. top four, 3-1 giants. blooper down the right field line for an r.b.i. ground rule double, posing at three hits in the game. top of the seventh now. two runs come in to score. giants win, final score, 9-3. and tiger woods, he's your winner at the arnold palmer invitation. it is the eighth time that tigers won this tournament, tieing the pga tour record. but, more importantly, tiger is on the tour again. this gives tiger woods the number one world ranking for the first time since 2010. sharks and anaheim visiting the dugs.
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joe pavelsky, a loose puck, got it, spins, buries it. sharks up 3-2 in the third. james shepherd didn't have a goal on the year. he's got it here. he proved to be the game winner. sharks win final score in this one, 5-3. and we do have one final note here. the sharkss parted ways earlier today trading in with the pittsburgh penguins. it sent a message to the rest of that team. but certainly motivated to clear tonight. >> it worked. >> hey, thanks very much. >> right. >> we'll be right back.
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its's a thrilling anniversary. 30 years ago tonight, hundreds of people witnessed the first moonwalk. >> yeah, and we're not talking about neil armstrong. check it out.
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♪ >> there it is. two seconds to set the world on fire and have everybody educational trying to do that. michael jackson performed his signature dance move in pasadena. the world didn't get to see it until six weeks later ununtil it was aired on nbc. >> i know, i was going to say, i thought i heard you do a pretty good moonwalk? >> do we have time? >> we only have time for a brief weather recap. >> all right, yes. a little bit of morning fall for tomorrow. everyone will wake up cloudy. we'll get some son by the afternoon. then, thursday through sunday, we'll see a slight chance of showers each and every day. no large storm system in there. it's just going to be one of those, you know, areas of pesky, annoying showers that could roll through again thursday, friday, saturday and also sunday. >> all right, jeff, thanks very much. thanks for joining us. tonight's show with jay leno up next. >> and thank you for joining us.
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>> we'll see you tomorrow. bye, bye. >> now the moonwalk? >> yes.
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